"The human footprint is more than an impression of the foot, it is an expression of the forces acting through the foot"  Lee Saxby

"The human footprint is more than an impression of the foot, it is an expression of the forces acting through the foot" Lee Saxby


Lee Saxby designed the Functional Foot Map System for therapists, trainers and coaches who understand the importance of the foot in human movement and require an efficient, repeatable and reliable method to assess foot function which can be easily integrated into their business and practice.

The Functional Foot Map has been inspired by the original foot printing equipment and techniques used by Harris and Beath in their monumental ‘Army Foot Survey’ conducted in 1947 on 3,169 Canadian soldiers. Since 1947 various versions of the ‘Harris Mat’ or 'pedograph’ have been produced which have varied considerably in their accuracy and durability due to their design and materials selected in their construction.

"If your foot is not shaped like a foot, it can't function like a Foot"

 Lee Saxby


We live in a world where physical activity is enthusiastically promoted, but exercise related pain and injuries are on the increase. Many people are trapped in a frustrating and ‘vicious cycle’ of trying to lose weight and improve their metabolic health through regular exercise, only to get injured, become even less active than before and gain even more weight!

Although Leonardo Da Vinci understood that the human foot is a ‘masterpiece of engineering and a work of art’, the importance of foot structure and function in human movement has been historically neglected or ignored by both the medical professions and the fitness industry.

This brief introduction on the human foot and its role in exercise related pain and movement dysfunction has been written by Lee Saxby and Dr. Mick Wilkinson. Within its 62 pages, a simple biomechanical understanding of the human foot is presented, explaining its vital role in everyday activities, and how footwear is either destructive or restorative to foot function based on our footwear choice.



Lee Saxby is one of the most recognised coaches for running technique. Over the last 15 years Lee has created educational programs (Wildfitness, Vivobarefoot Training Clinic), consulted to shoe companies (TerraPlana/Vivobarefoot, Joe Nimble), participated in university research projects, and helped ‘unfixable’ injured athletes, from recreational runners to Olympians. With his unrivalled ability to diagnose and correct biomechanical problems best-selling author Christopher McDougall (“Born to Run”) as well as Daniel E. Liebermann (Harvard University) were able to regain their natural athletic abilities through Lee's coaching methods. 


Dr. Mick Wilkinson

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science at Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK

Dr Wilkinson’s research area is the biology of human health and performance. His work has included applied sport science with world-class squash players, determinants of performance and training for distance running, and biomechanical aspects of running. Ongoing-funded work is exploring links between plantar sensation and regulation of bipedal gait, the influence of foot structure and footwear on foot function and joint loading in running, and exercise and nutritional impacts on thyroid hormone status, inflammation and markers of metabolic health.

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